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This is my photography blog about Street Photography, Architecture, Minimalism and some things I feel like at the moment. All photos are my own [except otherwise stated]. All rights reserved.

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Abstract Addiction

Abstract iPhone Photography

Eventually, I made an additional site on my homepage to give my abstract iPhone photography project the space it deserves.

Experimenting with my iPhone I found out, that the most effective way getting used to taking abstract photos is getting close to your subject. And by close I mean: very close. This way you are forced to leave out a lot, you just can’t get all the essential attributes in the frame so you have to choose which ones to concentrate on. This is something I used to do a lot. I used very simple and common subjects like bottles of water, a tin can and my kitchen table. I was very enthusiastic about this, I made an Instagram account (@abstract_addiction) for the abstract photos I took with my iPhone. It even got me a feature in the Snap Magazine by Hipstamatic.

Now I gathered all the works that I like in one place on my homepage. I hope you like it.

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Tutorial: Line Abstraction

image image

Tutorial: Line abstraction

I got lot of great feedback on my series of line edits I did recently. Weather it was on IG, EyeEm, tumblr or Flickr: A lot of people asked me how to do it. I think this is a good point to make a short tutorial:


Apps used: Diptic, Decim8, Snapseed

The first thing you have to do is to decide which photo is suitable for making this kind of edit. You need something you can cut off at any point, preferably somewhere in the middle part. The above two pics where cut in the middle area. I cut off a lake beneath the mountain and the train tracks beneath the city. As soon as you have chosen your pic you can begin. For the tutorial I’ve chosen this shot of some illuminated orchids shot with hipstamatic.


First step is to use Diptic to cut off the photo. Choose the 4th preset in the classic section. It’s the one with the horizontal separation. Choose the upper one and place your pic just as you’d like it to be cut. For the lower part choose some pic that contains the main color of your pic. In my case this was obviously black, which makes this step easy. No borders needed here, just turn them off. Mine looks like this at this point:


After this we need to prepare our pic for Decim8. We need to turn the pic once against the clock because Decim8 can only make lines from left to right. For turning I quickly used the iPhone’s Photo app, but you can use whatever you want. After you turned the pic you can open it in Decim8. We only need the B∑AMRID∑R filter here. Apply it until you’re happy with the result. Mine looks like this:


Now you can turn your pic back to make your preferred tweaks. I think that the Snapseed Retrolux filters fit quite good here so that’s what I did. I opened the pic in Snapseed and applied some Retrolux and other enhancements. Please don’t ask me what I did exactly because I don’t remember exactly. Here’s what my final result looks like:



Hope this was helpful. If you have questions creel free to contact me at any time.


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