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Abstract Addiction

Abstract iPhone Photography

Eventually, I made an additional site on my homepage to give my abstract iPhone photography project the space it deserves.

Experimenting with my iPhone I found out, that the most effective way getting used to taking abstract photos is getting close to your subject. And by close I mean: very close. This way you are forced to leave out a lot, you just can’t get all the essential attributes in the frame so you have to choose which ones to concentrate on. This is something I used to do a lot. I used very simple and common subjects like bottles of water, a tin can and my kitchen table. I was very enthusiastic about this, I made an Instagram account (@abstract_addiction) for the abstract photos I took with my iPhone. It even got me a feature in the Snap Magazine by Hipstamatic.

Now I gathered all the works that I like in one place on my homepage. I hope you like it.

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