This is my photography blog about Frankfurt, architecture, minimalism and some things I feel like at the moment. All photos are my own. All rights reserved.

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    Hallways and Light" - Frankfurt, Germany, 2014

    Long time no see, I’m sorry. Busy as hell, doing stuff for NEOPRIME.

    Well, eventually, here’s something new.

    btw, meanwhile I reached over 2 Million views here on Flickr! I wrote a short note about that on my website. Thank you all so very much!

    You think your photography deserves a bigger stage? Join the NEOPRIME TALENTPOOL:

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    New Series: Rainy Days →

    Well, the title of the series is quite obvious, isn’t it? I shot this series in a very rainy week when I was watching all the people going to work, struggling with the rain and the wind…


    It’s not even been four weeks since the start of NEOPRIME and already 133 awesome photographers have joined the NEOPRIME TALENTPOOL.

    340 impressive photos have been submitted so far, which makes us really proud! We are convinced that breathtaking photography should get the stage it deserves. That’s why we think it’s time to publish the very first NEOPRIME’S FINEST!

    After thoroughly curating all submissions, these ten impressive photos are what we call NEOPRIME’S FINEST!


    This photo, just as the two I shared before, was shot from a window that points to the Kaiserplatz in the Heart of Frankfurt. It was raining for some days and the structured pavement began to reflect the light. People were passing by with umbrellas on their way to work. This particular moment was not that easy to capture because of The amount of people crossing on their way. I wanted to have someone with a bright colored umbrella isolated in a minimalistic composition, which I finally got after approx. one hour of trying. I still think it was worth the time I spent up there.



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    "And I’m waiting and I’m longing for that light to fall all over me" Parts I & II (Frankfurt, 2014)

    This one here is a collaboration of our artistic minds during our “The Story Of Neoprime” production. We both saw this impressive wall made of craggy stones that somehow looked like hundreds and thousands of skulls. With the strange light from above it definitely has a nightmarish vibe to it…

    "And I’m waiting and I’m longong for that light to fall all over me" - Frankfurt 2014

    Hey there!

    This is a special one. During our shooting for Marius and I had a walk across the whole city and found some interesting things to shoot. This one here is a collaboration of our artistic minds so to say.

    We both saw this impressive wall made of craggy stones that somehow looked like hundreds and thousands of skulls which immediately provoked a nightmarish atmosphere. We saw the light above the wall and we both knew what we had to do. This photo of me standing there was shot by Marius Vieth

    There’s another version where I took the photo of Marius standing there. Maybe we will share it sometime.

    BTW: After working day and night for 3 months NEOPRIME finally launched 10 days ago. It’s been an amazing one and a half weeks so far and we are truly grateful for all the amazing feedback we’ve received from the United States to New Zealand. We know that all of this wouldn’t be possible without you – and that’s why want to say thank you:

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    "Light of day, day of darkness" - Frankfurt 2014

    During a photo walk in march I came across this wonderful moment. I just loved how the whole situation was set up with the light, the shadows and the lines. I never shared it, I don’t really know why to be honest. I hope you like it as much as I do.

    I wish you a wonderful week!

    cheers, Martin!

    BTW, Marius just wrote a damn good article about his 365 day project. It’s for anyone who is considering to start a 365 project, who wants to understand how such a project works or who’s just in love with photography…

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